Demo 90 | The Man With Capitals | Soft Orange | Ageless | Slowsonic


A billion ships are among my hair
Needle-shaped shoes tread in my thoughts
If orange DYNAMITE stiffened in your chest

Sleeplessness shows me new ways
My rubber ring has broken
I bury myself in soft orange sounds

We run in the dark
I saw his dream was hopeless
And I knew the reason of the self-deception lie

Painless his coat
Carrying it on him, like his face
That's shoutless and he rests pitifully

The dreambird's wings are too weak
Gets weak and forgets the aim
He'll wake up again
If he recognizes the fruitless effort of his wall

One last cut
And his underfall
The fog of the ignorance hugs him

Aimless is looking around
Curious flowers in his eyes

Is this vision a dream or utopia?

If I have a daughter
I will tell her this story
And she's understand
Why don't get a worm reward
When his dream is over


What I was
I can't remember with pleasure

Now accept me as I am
Get ready for
Sometimes you have to fight against yourself

I step outside of myself
I'm free
I'm approaching you
I'm not under control
As the sun burns down the ground I burn my past

I flew above your house
I felt the sunbeams
They warmed me up
I saw you in the window
I have been waiting
But you didn't give me the sign to land
I know you know
Anyway I return

You must know that you are important too
But you also can't be a private island

I love your voice
I love your face
I love your smile
I love your eyes
And all...

Don't let it disappear

Hey you, call me beside you


Disappointing black moon
And it never will be better
All the colours turn into grey

Emptiness relaxes on the wall
I talk to the wind
My words disappear without echo

When I see the light
The way out of the chaos
I'll create tomorrow out of the fear

I feel the dreads
Filtering through my wall
I see the disinterest of the ice-cold smiles

I guess... I can't go on...
Is there only one page in this book?

Hurting sight... I loathe them...
I close my eyes...

Who tells us great banality?
Who steals our dreams?
Who sits on wrong seats?
For whom doesn't it mean anything?
Scheme under the black clothes
Preplanned pain-program is grinding

Where the mud is also grey and the dreams are chased
And a hand-shaking incites the collapse

I'm not cold
I'm not a medicine
And I can't give you a tip


Screams of the steel-wheels
Anxious rumbling
Cuts my body
I think I've already gone
And I bang the door
I wish I could fly up to the sky

Cemetery of the century
Tore bodies
Broad bloodline
Exploded notions
Fears and nightmares

The world's purulent ulcer
In the entreaty eyes of animals

As we evaporate from the universe
Our feelings are slipping away

On the noteworthy pictures
Of the global presence movie
Here on the endless ocean of time
Only the compulsion bears words

Life is dying
And screaming with sirens
The crackbrains of blood are
Moaning in fires

Ice in the machine
The cogwheels are rusting slowly
That nobody repairs
But all hands construct new things
And the index of production is rising and rising
I try to clean myself


Water and sky
I fly high

From the dark 'til the light
I always try to fly

Entangled lines of clouds in the sky
The sun mirrored in your eyes
Claims tears

Hand combs you to sleep
I imagine myself under your skin
I'm travelling through your head
Through your thoughts
I am a bullet

Your smile
Once upon a time
There was the pain
Don't call me again

Mendacious difference
Strangers from far away
Neither be known nor do I know anybody
And nor my black flag means anything

Pleasant idleness - the beauty keeps close
I've been waiting - the marvel is late again

I'm blind on the fields
The horses trample me down

I've changed my opinion on you
You lie too much
And you treat me like a dog

The unpleasant thoughts
Root in the deep
I don't know you
Your surface is too smooth

I know you are a liar

You are a liar


Vivid pictures
Mirror from the future
In the heart to the burning mountains
Never-ending minute
I bend into embryonic figure
To fire myself in the head

There is a deep swamp
Some brown thoughts in my head
The dirty days are black
Tell me where is the sun?

The atavistic remains after the rain

Close blueness
Ice-brain future
Fiery forest is grazing its flames

When sounds of the drums
Push your blinkers aside
You will realize that
There are bugs in the information shops too
Foolish questions
Get foolish cliches

Reality must be:
A vision
A morning performance
A dream, where I become a picture with you

Cold water disillusions
Stonehands are still on hand
The vomit has already frozen

I recharge myself
Reality bears me on my way
Mechanical consciousness reanimates me
Pleasure of the absolutely nothing
Pours me some hot coffee

Stonehands order
Stonehands wave


When you were born
When you understood nothing
When you first crossed the road
You were happy

Now, you've known the phone
And you say: I need anybody
After all
You're only a little part of the whole

You saw her
Who thinks too much of herself
And you know she wouldn't bear a baby
At the expense of her figure

When the smile turned
Rings of pain are cracked
My song is a rough howling
Dead things slowly disappear
I make the future
Forgetting the fashion
And hunting for noises

My favourite fears
My favourite pains
My favourite songs
All for you

My favourite face
My favourite picture
I show you them
In all of my songs

(Barna-Hudák/Mezőfi Imre)

Liar, Liar soul
Poker face
That's your style
You mustn't change

They rip off you mask
To find another one below
But you can't deny
Everything they now

Dogs growl at you
From behind the gates
Forget about it
Just stay a pokerface

Some people need you
In spite of their growl
Forget about it
Just care 'bout your goal

Be quiet - hide yourself in your deep
Be selfish - your possess what you keep


On the third bank of the river
I look at our wonderful world
While other have forgetful days
I steal between cold walls
Their reams collapsed into bricks around me
Pseudo-skeletons crawl after me

Waving from the shore
Now I don't mind the empty words and others
I don't eat or drink if they see me
I breath together with the water

The explosive words of the tapes
Are as loud as the bombs
Like you talking to me
I need these voices

I lay down on the tunes
Now it turns me into the sky
I'm sensible of the things
At last I may set myself free
Laughing at them who're laughing at me

TV's behind a window
No-one needs its colour
As if were in a forest
Who needs old-fashioned idols?

If you drew a line in the sand with your feet
I you took the street into your room by stones
If I felt your scent from faraway
Then I realize your words
And I turn away from my depression
I'll stand up from the floor
I'll start a new life with you

Please, don't shoot me
I'm only your reflection


Your hand gives birth to black letter
Red fog in front of my eyes
I'm falling
My finger-nails are ploughing the wall
Something is wet - I feel
My blood
I must scratch myself our of the ground

Please hold my rests together
Take me beside you
Solitude shatters me
Calm me and caress me

Tell me the secret of happiness
Help me to understand
The incomprehensible infinity

Another sphere - another existence
Yes, floating in time
I'm alive
Being is wonderful
This pleasure makes me shiver

(I lie beside you and caress you)

My secret garden is your grave

Among stones
The sound of the bell
Drives me - some tune
Towards you
Flowers around you - my feelings
I gave you everything

You are me

Scream for you
Let me out

Eclipse Zenekar 2014 ℗ Minden jog fenntartva