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László Zabari

was born on: 19.08.1976.


I would like to play drums since i was age of six, because of the inspiration of Pasquale Barile. I bought my first installation (of course, an Amati) when i was 16. In the same year I started to visiting teachers. I had four teachers in all. I had got a couple of bands in the last twenty years, mainly in the rock/metal style. Since 1996, when Mytra was founded, they have been leading project. I have started to play in Eclipse in the autumn of 2012, they became a leading project too, and the circle was closed.


Metallica, Cynic, Meshuggah, Faith No More, Gordian Knot, Portal,
Eclipse, Barbaro, The Bedlam/Nomad, Psychotic Waltz, Death, Voivod,
Alice in Chains, Aghora, Atheist (Elements), Jaco Pastorius,
After All, Screen, Turbo, Ákos, S.O.A.D., Gojira, Opeth, stb.


Eclipse Zenekar 2014 ℗ Minden jog fenntartva