Axiom of Choice (2003)

Eclipse - Ageless (demo)

Summary of history:

A demo cd I got from Hungary. This mini album was co-produced by a member of after@all. The album includes a cover of King Crimson's Pictures Of A City.

The album:
Asleep combines the heavy rock guitars of Soundgarden or a progmetal band like Dream Theater with a more psychedelic approach to music. The lead guitar sound is rather distinctive, being very echoey. The vocals can be rough on the one hand, but also includes vocal harmonies on the other. A rather noisy track with plenty of variation. Somewhere To Something reveals one of the main influences of the band, King Crimson, most notably in the repetitive guitar style. The vocals are mixed a bit into the back at times and do not alwys sound very clear. This might have been done on purpose, because some of the other vocals are more obtrusive. This is again a progmetal/rock track, with repetitive Frippian guitar and varying signatures. Again the compact rock music comes over well, although my feeling is that the production could be a bit cleaner.

A groovy guitar opens on Circulation, in fact it has quite a jazzy feel. The Crimson reference is there again, but the heavy rhythm guitar and the jazz feel gives the song a different feel. To me, the song is a bit too funky, and melodically it falls short. Before The Rain opens with the guitar lines of a typical eighties Crimson track with the addition of course of a rhythm guitar. The music is many layered with lots of things happening at the same time, making for a rather chaotic overall feel. A bit more clarity would be nice (for me). Not a bad track though with some nice melodies, but they do get drowned a bit.

The final tune is a cover of Crimson's Picture Of A City, which they thought needed an updated version. The guitar sound is quite heavy on this track, as are the vocals. A very nice cover indeed that leaves the anger and sinisterness of the original intact. The sound spectrum is also less full on this track, which helps it come over better.

This shortish demo album is an introduction to the complex layered music of Eclipse. The band operates in an area between Dream Theater and King Crimson with the vocals being more in the alternative rock style (as opposed to (prog)metal). The band after@all also operates in this vein, but does it a lot better. This also has something to do with the fact that the songs on this album are all rather alike in style, where after@all is more experimental. However, for a debut certainly not bad and I am curious to see how they shall have progress on their debut album.

Jurriaan Hage

Margen (2003)

Eclipse - Ageless
Adelanto de lo que será el primer trabajo de este quinteto húngaro de inventivo prog, metal progresivo a veces, space otras y crimsoniano algunas (versión de Pictures of a City). Cinco excelentes temas capaces de transmitir tanto energía feroz como sutiles detalles en una música expresiva y bien producida.

May 18th 2002

Eclipse - Ageless / Peripheric
CD Review
A band from Hungary playing progressive rock with influences from progressive metal as well. The mini CD features 5 songs, all of them rather interesting. It might not be the best thing we have heard so far, but these guys do have talent and this is obvious through the songs. Their songwriting abilities are rather good, the arrangements are mainly clever and their sound is filled with little details that make it all more interesting. Not everything is perfect of course and one of the things they actually need to improve is the production and sometimes learn how to play simpler in order to make the melodies better. The musicianship is good enough and there are some pretty technical parts in a few of the songs. The mini CD is not bad at all and the guys can certainly improve more in the future, through hard work, since they do have the talent.

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