16.11.2012. Concert - Corner Stage Miskolc

concert on 16.11.2012. (friday), guest: Slowsonic

17.05.2012. Corner Stage, Miskolc


11.01.2012. Rez's new project

The Power: Rez and Suta in a new project: Liquid Limbs & Eclipse electronic fusion... listen and download!

09.12.2011. Progressive Fest - Corner Stage Miskolc

with Mytra and Ad Astra

31.10.2011. Concert in Miskolc

Corner Stage November 11th. 21:00 - guest: Fact & Fiction

08.08.2011. Concert in Miskolc

Gyár Fesztivál August 18th 23:00 - Acélváros sátor

10.06.2011. Concert in Diamond Club, Kazincbarcika

special guest: Senor

27.05.2011. Concert in Pedro's Pub, Kazincbarcika - CANCELLED

04.04.2011. Concert in Corner Stage, Miskolc

07.03.2011. Concert in Dürer Garden

10.01.2011 - Somewhere To Something video

from Marci

25.10.2010. flyer

01.10.2010. eclipse 20th birthday concert

november 6th in Tündérgyár
additional bands: Ad Astra, Angertea

05.07.2010. - News

New member in the band: Tamás Dömötör on drums. Concerts will be at Miskolc and Budapest in october or november. Eclipse on the Facebook

05.10.2009 - before the rain remix

20.05.2009 - new movies on the you tube

new videos: part3
and the demos-garage records collection...
download: Audio files (archive zip, size: 101MB)

30.04.2009 - on you tube...

few videos from eclipse - 1994-2007 here
and here...

27.03.2008 - Video!

Here is an hour long video from the concert on november 30th, 2007.
The size of the uploaded video is quite big and the quality is not the best, please click here
to watch the sample part.
Full video download (archive zip, size: 389MB)

25.11.2007 - Eclipse concert again!

Place and time: Miskolc, Vian Klub, 30th November 2007 Friday
Deadwing (Sin of Kain, Eclipse)


You can download all the tracks of the brand-new album called SLOWSONIC.
CD Cover and lyrics are here.
ECLIPSE concert will be on 25th of November, 2006. (saturday) - Vian Klub, Miskolc, Hungary

22.12.2004 - New photos

There are new pictures under the photo menu point! All the photos were made on the Sziget Festival, 2004.

18.12.2004 - I.R.C. concert

Concert will be at the Vasas, Miskolc on 30th of December.
All guests are welcome!

11.06.2004 - Eclipse on Sziget Festival

Eclipse will be on stage on Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary) at 17:00 the 5th of August 2004.
You can hear them at the stage of Bahia.
click here for more info about Sziget Festival

15.04.2004 - Eclipse & I.R.C. concert

Concert will be on the day of the Earth at Erzsébet square, Miskolc on 23rd of April.

07.12.2003 - New Eclipse concert

Rock-karácsony will be in Miskolc at the IFI-house on the 19th of December, 2003. Eclipse will be on stage!

16.06.2003 - New concert dates

- 4th of july (friday) - Budapest Orczy-garden
- CANCELLED!!! 6th of september - Budapest Progfeszt organized by Mr. Böszörményi

16.06.2003 - I.R.C.

a new band was formed called I.R.C. (Ipari RomĹ nc Club). members are: Joci - Rezső - Döme - Kis g
tha band plays electronical music with lot of drums.

10.04.2003 - Eclipse descendants 2

Krisztián, son of Tamás Tisza was born on the 9th of April 2003 with 3600 gramms and 51 centimeters.

22.03.2003 - second album of Eclipse

after long mounths preparing of the second album in being continued. works of final mixing are seemed to be started within two weeks. thought please supports us.

19.03.2003 - Eclipse descendants

Gábor, son of Tamás Barna was born at 8 o'clock on the 2nd of March 2003 with 3600 gramms and 56 centimeters. further information that son of Tamás Tisza is going to be born within two weeks.

19.09.2002 - I. Progressive Music Meeting

the first progressive music meeting was on 11th of october, 2002 at the 'ifjúsági és szabadidő' house in miskolc
will be on stage:
doomed (sk)
psycho symphonic (ro)
hadex nüx

2002.09.19. - surprise by Rezső

a bonus mp3 track called Stalker was added to the music section

02.08.2002 - BODROCKFEST

BODROCKFEST is an amatuer rock festival.
15:00-01:00 (Friday-Saturday) 6-7 of September 2002
Sárospatak, Bodrogparti Kemping (Árpád street 2., at the foot of Bodrog bridge)
Eclipse will be playing at 17:50 on Friday 6th of September 2002

11.07.2002 - photos of Black Csimbók concert

the 2002 section of photo column contains new photos about Black Csimbók concert was at spring. funny pictures, deserve to see it. if you don't know what is Black Csimbók, I tell you three members of Eclipse are playing in. (two guitarrists and the drummer)

22.06.2002 - Eclipse and the new album

recordings of the new album will be finished soon and the mixing process is scheduled to begin in the near future. probably(?!) the new album, Slowsonic will be available on the Sziget Festival.

21.06.2002 - Tamás Barna will get married

Eclipse gitarrist, Tamás Barna will get married next month. congratulations for him!

27.05.2002 - Eclipse on Sziget Festival

Eclipse will be on stage on Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary) at 16:00 the 5th of August 2002.
You can hear them at the stage of Metal Hammer.
click here for more info about Sziget Festival

16.05.2002 - fuTOURizmo

the last tour station with the band after@all:
17.05 Kazincbarcika, Mûvelõdési Ház (CANCELLED!)
thanks all of the fans, who visited the concerts of Eclipse!

07.03.2002 - eclipse web site was opened

welcome to our brand-new web site where you can find all the information about the band and the musicians. good browsing!

2002.02.25. - ECLIPSE video clip

you can download the CHILDHOOD'S END video clip
download and details in the 1999 section of media!

10.05.2001. -ageless- - promotional record

we recorded a five tracks CD, called "ageless". these songs are going to be part of our new album which we would like to release (both here and abroad) with the co-operation of Periferic Records. we also would like to invite some guest for the recording process.

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