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József Takács

was born on 15.05.1973.


My name is József Takács, I was born on 15 May 1973, Miskolc. When I had finished my studies I became the drummer of Eclipse. Before it I had played in many bands since 1989. In 1993 realized the importance of playing music when I had started my musical studies under the control of a private teacher, Károly Schimmer. I have changed my view of life and behaviour to the music. I have got married in 1995. And I had a baby in the same year. As a matter of fact I expect from this band, Besides self-realization, is to transform our emotions into notation and to give it to the audiences. This has been carried out only for a few bands. The performances are the best places where we can carry out this theory. This is the reason why you should see the Eclipse.



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