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Tamás Barna

was born on: 1970.07.07.


was 15 when I bought my first instrument (a Bulgarian Cremona, it cost 600 Ft – around 5 dollars-). I used to study music at a private teacher for five years. I also studied classical guitar music at Ferenc Erkel Music School in Miskolc. I didn’t play in other bands before the formation of Eclipse. Of course I have already played in a few occasional formations. I am palying in a "headbanding project", called Blekkcsimbók, at the moment. In my private life I’m a "candyman", a chocolate dealer.


present equipment

Fibenare 7 strings handmade guitar
ADA MP1 tube preamp
Roland GP 100 effect processor
50/50 tube power amp
Marshall Vintage 240 W speaker boksz
Roland FC 200 Foot controller
Cry Baby Wah


Eclipse Zenekar 2014 ℗ Minden jog fenntartva